No this is NOT me

No this is NOT me

Hi I’m Betty!

Like many others, I had a hard time with my Freshman 15 and put on lots of weight my first year in university.  I was out partying and too busy to eat healthy.  Often I would be running late to class, stopping by a burger joint for quick eats, and it caught up to me.

First started noticing my belly and but getting bigger 3 months into university… after 6 months I had to buy new jeans!  It was ridiculous and I had to make some lifestyle changes.  I started to get into regular sleeping patterns, eating properly, exercising and I lost the weight!

This is why I built this website to share my experiences and show others in the same situation what works for getting rid of the weight.  I tried everything, some things were a waste of time and others worked wonders…

I really appreciate feedback, comments, stories, or anything else you can contribute to help others with their freshman 15.