Alcohol and Weight Gain

Alcohol and Weight Gain

Alcohol and Weight Gain

Alcohol and Weight Gain – All You Need To Know

For those who are conscious of their waistline, you must know about good and bad calories and monitor the calories that you take in.

Our body requires a set amount of calories to keep our a balanced weight and based on many things such as our weight, age, height, activity level and gender.

For most college students one of the biggest issues with weight gain is the link with partying and alcohol.

Alcohol is proven to cause you to gain weight if are not careful, especially if your diet consists of getting calories from mainly beer.  If you drink moderately, it will not likely contribute to your weight gain.

According to studies about the types of beverages, wine drinkers are less prone to weight gain and spirit drinkers are more likely to gain pounds.

Extra weight mostly stored around your stomach area in men. The excess weight in women is stored around the hips, thighs and buttocks.

How Alcohol can pack on the pounds

  • License to indulge. Alcohol can make you harder to stick to a healthy diet and it adds calories. Acts of self-control can deplete glucose levels which leave us weak in some situations wherein we can’t control our options based on studies. Your healthy diet that you always follow diligently will not be that significant after a few drinks.
  • The day after. Being unsafe to temptation and feeling too tired or hangover to exercise the following day are the effects of drinking alcohol. You will be dehydrated, nauseous and clumsy when you are hangover. These things prevent your workout.
  • Added calories. Additional calories to your diet are one of the side effects of drinking alcohol. We sometimes don’t know how many calories our drinks contain although we have a control to the calories we take. Alcohol contains 7 calories per gram, and it doesn’t contain fat. But that is more than carbohydrates and protein which contains only 4 calories per gram. Having a few drinks after a workout may end up wasting all that hard work.
  • Increase appetite. Alcohol can really increase your appetite in the short term according to some studies. So when you are in a social gathering or a party, this is particularly dangerous because there are lots of delicious foods everywhere. When you are sober, it is so hard to avoid those sugary or fatty foods. Add alcohol and an increase in appetite will become possible.

The lowest calorie alcohol is wine. Check out how many calories in alcoholic drinks to get an idea of what you are drinking:

  • Beer, lite 12 oz.                                 100 calories
  • Beer, regular 12oz.                              150
  • Frozen daiquiri, 4 oz.                          216
  • Gin, 1.5 oz.                                        110
  • Margarita, 4 oz.                                   270
  • Rum, 1.5 oz.                                      96
  • Vodka, 1.5 oz.                                   96
  • Whiskey, 1.5 oz.                               105
  • Wine spritzer, 4 oz.                            49
  • Wine, dessert, sweet, 4 oz.                 180    


Effects of alcohol on the body

When alcohol is present in your system, it is more difficult for your body to burn fat.

To have a longer life and better health, moderate consumption of alcohol must be practiced.

Abusing alcohol can affect your weight loss program. Heavy drinking could also cause liver cirrhosis, breast cancer and other major health problems.

It’s very hard to cut down on drinking alcohol while enjoying your freshman year at college but keep in mind this will contribute to weight gain.

Please drink responsibly.

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  1. Diana says:

    Weight gain is a major problem.Alcohol is the main cause of weight gain. Now a days people drink alcohol without any limit.These days it becomes very rapidly of drinking alcohol. If you drink too much it will cause much problem.It happens very much in prone.Sometimes over drinking cause liver problems. Taking precautions and keeping this in mind is mandatory before drinking like a fish at a bar. Drinking can be very harmful for you while also increasing your weight.

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