Does Lack of Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Does Lack of Sleep Cause Weight GainSleep & Weight Gain

For an immediate blast of energy, you may be tempted to reach a cup of coffee and a doughnut or a bag of chips if you feel sleepy at school or at work. You may be able to stop sleepiness as a quick result. You may pick up take-out on your way home and you may skip the gym later. The end result is that you are then too twisted to sleep when you finally find yourself back in bed.

Common side effects that go along with lack of sleep is weight gain. Your health and your waistline can be undermined by deprivation of sleep. When poor food alternatives are matched with lack of exercise, this sets the stage for unwanted pounds, obesity and it also promotes loss of sleep.

Effects of Lack of Sleep on Appetite

  • Leptin is a protein that controls and regulates appetite and lack of sleep lowers Leptin levels. Increases in appetite resulting in weight gain are one of the common causes of Low Leptin levels. Ghrelin tells your brain to keep on eating and it works in the reverse sense. Whether to finish off that super-size portion or not, these two hormones have a great role in helping you decide.
  • The mind’s response to both hunger and sleepiness affects the appetite and induce similar psychological sensations. When people are actually sleepy, they assume that low energy levels are a sign of hunger.
  • Weight and sleep’s relationship is not just about physical activity. When you are sleep deprived, it is also what your body misses.

Sleep Apnea

Acquiring a sound sleep is so difficult when you have sleep apnea. It interrupts your sleep because it causes often short pauses in breathing. Sleep apnea is associated to obesity. When you are obese, it causes sleep apnea which causes weight gain. A sign of sleep apnea is frequent loud snoring.

Types of sleep apnea

  • Central sleep apnea. The central nervous system is involved in central sleep apnea. When the brain fails to signal the muscles that control your breathing, this condition occurs.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea.  When the soft tissue in the back of your throat is relaxed while sleeping, this kind of sleep apnea occurs; causing airway blockage that results to loud snoring.
  • Complex sleep apnea. It is a central and obstructive sleep apnea combined together.


Late at Night Eating

If you stay within your body’s daily caloric needs, eating late at night does not really cause weight gain according to studies. Weight gain and night eating are not associated to each other.

  • If you take more calories than you need in a day and binge, eating late at night do get you into trouble. You possibly are not getting enough calories throughout the day if you find that you are ravenous at night.
  • Mindlessly eating late at night can also causes weight gain because you tend to eat more of your calories late at night while sitting in front of the computer or television. Desserts, ice cream and chips are some poor food choices that we eat late at night and cause us to take in more calories than what we really need.

You may be less likely to indulge in snacks and sweets when you are feeling happy and relaxed. It will also give you greater motivation and energy to follow your exercise regimen.

To have a better mood throughout the day and to stop your body from gaining weight, getting enough sleep is 100% necessary.

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  1. Denise says:

    It is a major problem for the teenagers. Lack of sleep causes your body to eat more food because it increase your appetite. For me lack of sleep was caused by over drinking and watching too much tv, was really messing with my mind. Meditation is a good way to keep your mind calm. Try to focus on one particular thing. Do not watch TV and drink before sleeping. Keep your room dark and mind cool. There is no alternative of getting a good night sleep to keep the body charged and full of energy.

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