Ugly Truth about Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise for Weight Loss

A crucial part of effective weight loss is a balanced diet along with regular exercise. By using excess calories that would be stored as fat, it helps to control your weight. To improve overall health and prevent many diseases, some physical activities are also necessary.

Crash diets or burst of exercise are not part of a healthy diet and do not help with long term weight loss. In terms of food and exercise, the body likes slow shifts the best. You should not start with running on the treadmill for 5 hours at a time or running miles a day if he hasn’t exercised for years. It may lead to feeling demotivated and disheartened if you keep on struggling to do such exercise, start slow and build up your workout routines. Starving yourself is also not a good idea. If you limit your calories intake severely, your body will lack vitamins and nutrients that it needs.

If you want to lose weight, one of the exercises that you must include in your weight loss program are cardio exercises. Cardio exercise is a key factor because:

  • You can burn more calories with cardio exercise. If you are breathing hard, burning calories, sweating and your blood is pumping, you are getting your heart rate into your target heart rate zone and it is good.
  • To enhance your calorie burn, you can easily add intensify. With small changes in your cardio exercise, it’s easy to increase calorie burn.
  • Cardio exercises contribute a lot to your overall calorie deficit. You don’t have to cut your calorie intake from your diet if you can burn it through exercise.
  • Most days of the week, you can do cardio exercise without overtraining or worrying about injury. You must put to rest your muscles in order to grow stronger and recover with strength training.
  • It is an essential workout routine and weight loss exercise. You can do it on a regular basis. It’s hard to find the exercise you like in acquiring your goal in weight loss. There are some exercises that are more intensive than others.
  • To boost your heart rate faster, you can try impact activities such as walking rather than cycling or swimming.
  • Jumping and running are high impact activities that can burn more calories than other weight loss programs that require lower impact exercises.
  • It is mostly easier to burn more calories and to get your heart rate by whole body activities that involve the lower and upper body like cross country skiing.

Cardio exercises are just a part of a weight-loss program. You also must join a weight-training program and change your eating habits.

Losing weight is not that easy like those shown on TV advertisements. It’s not just drinking non-fat milk for breakfast because it will take time. Taking 1 hour of moderate to vigorous activity is recommended on most days of the week.

Cardio helps in conditioning the lungs and heart. It also promotes health and well- being and not just for weight loss.

Cardio will help you in lose weight, but it is most effective with a healthy, low calorie diet and strength training combined.

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  1. Giselle Craig says:

    Such valid information that shuns all myths regarding weight loss and provides expert advice on being fit. Weight loss cannot happen overnight, it is always important for one to have a great self image and work towards it. Being healthy is a lifestyle choice and like you said it requires determination to stick to exercise and diet plan.

    Personally I totally agree that cutting down calorie intake will only reduce the nutritional value.

  2. Gina says:

    Exercise is one of the most spectacular part for weight loss.It is the best technique for reducing weight.I reduce my weight 8 lbs within 7 days by exercise.But over exercise is very bad for health. A schedule exercise is good for health.If you wanna lead a wonderful life you have to have good health.For good health exercise is must. So if you wanna have a good health,sound mind and a peaceful life it is a must for you to go to gym for exercise.

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