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freshman 15 personal storiesFreshman 15 Personal Stories

Check out Erica’s story. Erica changed not just her body but also her outlook in life, exercise routines and her eating patterns when she lose 100 pound.

Erica is from Ceres, California, and a 21 year old student.  Her diet and exercise program idea was getting a pizza slice from the box to her mouth when she weighed 267 pounds.  But now, she understood the significance of staying active and proper eating and believed that there is no magic diet. She became so determined to lose 100 pounds that she maintained losing three pounds a week continuously in one year.

Erica wore size 20 and weighed 250 pounds when she was 16. Rather than eating vegetables and fruits, her grandmother’s homemade pastry was her favorite. Although her weight distressed her, she covered it by being outgoing.

Before her personality, people noticed Erica’s body when she was in college, which is why she decided to lose weight.

“I couldn’t pretend my weight didn’t matter anymore. I didn’t know how I was going to slim down, but I knew it was the right time for me to try. “She said.

She took reasonable advice in nutrition from experts; it was suggested to her by a friend. To eat more vegetables, fruits and whole grains and less sweets and saturated fat, she structured her diet around the food pyramid. Four or five times a week, she began walking, step by step, progressing up to 45 minutes. She added golf, swimming and running to her routine.

She was warned that she will regain the excess weight if she will not be careful. Then she started to think that food is her enemy. She exercised for one and a half hour daily and drastically cut back on calories.  The result of her drastic lifestyle change, she then felt moody and sluggish. She went back to the reasonable plan that had contributed success in her weight loss because those extreme measures were harming her health. For two years, she’s been able to keep her weight to160 pounds.

“I think of my body as a gift, I am determined to do all I can to take care of it. “ She said.

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