Top 10 Unexplained Weight Gain Myths

unexplained weight gain facts and mythsunexplained weight gain facts and myths

Freshman 15 weight gain can have devastating effects on our well-being and can lead to many problems both mentally and socially but thankfully it is a preventable issue.

Lots of college freshman are suffering from unexplained weight gain as a continuing condition and the problem is on the rise.

Lets demystify the top 10 unexplained  weight gain myths:

  •  Unhealthy diet. Our diets are not that great sometimes. It is filled with easy to prepare processed foods which are probably not right for us. Meals are missing foods that are essential like vegetables, complex carbohydrates and fruits which keep our bodies fueled. Repacked foods and fast food can cause sudden weight because of extra calories and fat.
  • Slow metabolic rate. If you have a slow metabolic rate, it helps in your unexplained weight gain. We need more muscle rather than fat because it is more active metabolically. To keep the lean mass on our bodies, keeping to do strength and cardiovascular exercises will keep our metabolism burning.
  • Lack of exercise. More often, we get lazy doing exercises and we intend to eat more calories. When high intake of calories and less exercise are combined together, we gain more weight. If you want to burn more calories and lose weight fast, you must take more strength training which gives us more muscles and leaves our metabolism higher.
  • Low Fat Labeling. There are more or less 3 fat grams in low fat labeling. Low fat doesn’t mean low calorie. Always remember to read the label and what the serving size is and see how many calories before grabbing that low fat product.
  • Skipping meals. Portion control and skipping meals are bad to our health. Due to lack of nutrients and calories in our body that refuel us, it slows down our metabolism. When the next meal comes, we overeat when we skip a meal.
  • Portion Size. Contributing factor in gaining weight is portion control. We tend to binge eat foods that are high in calories and fat, and do it constantly. Taking in extra calories is quicker because plates and cups are bigger.
  • Stress. With increased levels of stress, our body prepares us to run or fight. Cortisol is discharged in our blood stream when stress level rise, and causes body changes. Cortisol helps in releasing stored sugar in the liver and muscles into the blood stream to use the energy quick. Cortisol is in charge for the collection of fat in the abdomen that is difficult to get rid by our body. Our cortisol levels are always high if stress is always manifesting.
  • Genetics. Genetics may contribute in gaining weight according to research. Most people have higher probabilities of unexplained weight gain as evidence shows. Even though Weight gain is affected by genetics, individual choice and environmental factors play a much bigger role in an overweight person.
  • Underlying disease/ chronic disease.  Numbers of people have conditions like Cushing’s disease, diabetes and thyroid disease. To help in weight loss or slowing weight gain down people need to end up gaining weight and taking medical treatment is necessary. The body is unable to raise metabolism due to decreases in hormone levels, which burns extra calories.
  • Medications. There are lots of people who are on medication for depression or depressed. Regardless of changes to the diet, these medications decrease metabolism, and the hormone levels in the body can change due to medications. This affects our ability to lose weight and keep the weight off.

As we get older, exercise and diet will help us monitor our weight gain. Portions monitoring, not skipping meal and making the best food selections can help in your weight loss.

Sticking to a healthy snack will give you lots of nutrients that can satisfy your hunger and will facilitate you not to cut off meals until your next mealtime.

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  1. Iris says:

    Health problems are a major problem if you can not maintain your weight properly. But it is easy for you to maintain good health if you follow some rules and regulations. It’s important to find a balanced lifestyle that includes healthy eating and exercising regularly. I also maintain this schedule and it has lead to a very happy lifestyle. I myself get this result by following this schedule. Simple awareness can make your life happy and good health.

  2. Celia says:

    Heavy eating is harmful for health. We affected to binge eating slowly by delicious food like ice-cream,burger,chips and many other fast food.binge eaters often wanna to act like the don’t eat so much.But Binge eating is a bad myth and habit.Drinking too much is also one of the cause of Binge eating.Caloric balancing is the main act to control it.First avoid caloric food.Follow a strict schedule.Slowly you will overcome binge eating problem.

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